When You Wish Upon A Starcaller

16 Jul

To many, Algalon the Observer is the final boss in Ulduar and if you think about it, they’re probably right.  From a lore standpoint, when you see what Algalon’s purpose is and what he is ultimately capable of, he does make Yogg-Saron seem kind of small and dare I say it, he may be an even bigger threat than Arthas

The Reader’s Digest version is this:  When we were all leveling and went into the Halls of Lightning, we ended up having to kill Loken, for his part in things that were going on.  When Loken died, it activated a planetary distress signal that alerted the Titans that something was amiss in Azeroth.  They sent Algalon here to assess the situation and if he decides the world is not worth saving, he will “re-originate” the planet completely and kill every living (and presumably undead) thing in the process. 

First off, don’t let anyone tell you that you outgear the fight, because you don’t.  I strapped on the big guns for this one – I did the 4 piece T10 (which I used to loathe and am now starting to enjoy, at least for a 25 man set), I brought out the Trauma (which again, I don’t usually bring to my 10 man), I tried out my Living Seed/Nourish spec, the whole nine.  Remember, you also don’t have a 25% zone buff here, like you do in ICC and you also only have one hour per raid lockout to work on him. 

This is a two tank fight and it is important to be aware of when the tank transition happens, as Algalon hits very hard and the tank that he will need to be pulled off of will be phased out and unable to receive heals.  So you need to prepare for the change by pre-HoTing the off tank or the returning main tank to pick the boss back up.  Try to keep at least a Regrowth and a Rejuv on the current tank, at all times. 

The raid is going to be taking massive damage from a number of sources, the first one being the AOE damage from when a Collapsing Star is killed by the assigned ranged DPS.  These should be destroyed, one at a time, because if multiple Stars are brought down at once, that can cause too much raid damage to be healed through and will most certainly cause a wipe.  The second source of constant damage will be the Cosmic Smash, which will show up in the form of a red fissure that will explode and do damage, depending on how close to it you are. 

In any case, the raid can certainly help out by not standing near either of those things.  I kept a Regrowth on the entire raid, the whole time and followed it up with a Lifebloom or a Rejuv, depending on the damage the person was taking.  Swiftmend will see a lot of use here, as targets can go down in health very fast and your Nature’s Swiftness has a longer cooldown.  Wild Growth is best saved for the melee, who will probably be closer together than the ranged should be for this. 

Resto druids make prime candidates for kiting the Living Constellations that spawn and dragging them into the Black Holes, left behind by when the Stars are destroyed.  It helps to take points out in Subtlety, if you’re asked to do this, but I seemed to attract them even with it.  Make sure you are kiting them around the Black Hole and not dragging them directly into it.  If you fall in, you will be phased out and unable to do anything but heal yourself through the Dark Matter adds that will be attacking you, until you are phased back out.  Keep healing as you kite, because the Stars will still be exploding and Cosmic Smash will still happen. 

When Algalon casts Big Bang, jump into a Black Hole and heal yourself and anyone else in the zone you can reach.  Any time you land in the void zone, make sure you take note of where the other Black Holes are located.  If you phase out and happen to still be standing in one, you will go right back into the shadow zone and back in the hands of the Dark Matter adds.  This will leave you consistently out of commission and it will deprive the raid of your much needed heals.  Being in the shadow zone causes damage over time, so use your HoTs to negate this and the adds don’t hit too hard.

At 20%, the Collapsing Stars and Constellations stop spawning and any Black Holes already present will disappear.  Cosmic Smash will still be a concern, as will the new Black Holes that Algalon will create, causing the Dark Matter mobs from inside the shadow zone to come pouring out.  The off-tank should gather these up and all DPS should be on Algalon.  This is his form of an enrage timer.  The raid will need to down him, before the adds get out of control and the group cannot be healed through.  Put a little more healing on the tanks for this, as the raid shouldn’t be taking as much damage, now that the Stars are out of the picture.  Save the Regrowths for the tanks, along with a Rejuv and some Lifebloom on each and scale back the raid to just a solid rotation of Rejuv and Lifebloom.  Wild Growth should be a better asset in this phase, as the only thing people should be moving away from are the Smashes.

Get Algalon down to about 1 or 2% and then he does an outro and disappears.  Congratulations, you are now a Starcaller!  If you’re lucky like I was, you will be awarded the Reply-Code Alpha and you can head back to Dalaran and trigger the event in the city, to show off your group’s prowess.  You will also receive some impressive loot (at least impressive, for the Ulduar days) and a decent amount of gold for your trouble. 

Now get in Dalaran and show off that title.  You have earned it!


2 Responses to “When You Wish Upon A Starcaller”

  1. Ampzilla July 16, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Nice run through of the fight. Landed here from Cannot be Tamed, doing the same thing as you did there!

    Always nice to see another druid blog!

    • Oestrus July 16, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

      Hola Ampzilla!

      Yes, Jasyla was nice enough to stop by my page first and added me to their blogroll and I felt I should do the same. That page is really neat, except for the fact when I see it, I automatically get that Miley Cyrus song of a similiar name stuck in my head – lol

      My 10 man just got Algalon last night and it was pretty fun to be a part of and I was surprised at how many people still haven’t done it yet. I think WoWProgress said 25% of guilds got it on 25 man and about 20% on 10 man, give or take. So there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t Starcallers or Astral Walkers yet. Hopefully, I can change that a bit, in my own way.


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