Quote, Unquote

25 Aug

While having my morning rice krispie bar and Diet Coke (what can I say – I’m a creature of habit), I was reading the news and visiting the staple of blogs that I enjoy, when I stumbled upon this article.  In it, the poster recalls how in a recent podcast, she got on the topic of voice actors in the game and that led to them sharing their favorite quotes or sayings from various characters.  I have to say, I was pretty inspired by this and I immediately had a few responses of my own, to add to this and then when I dwelled a bit more on this, I had a slew of phrases and voices that I really enjoyed. 

So without further adieu – here are some of my favorites, broken down by category. 

The Sexy

Mother Shahraz – Hands down, the sexiest voice, so far.  I love how she’s saying really dirty things or things that could be seen as such and yet she still sounds kind of detached and uninterested, which could be seen as a perfect reflection of a deeply unhappy sex worker or courtesan.  Then when she enrages, she loses it and starts talking about how you have toyed with her emotions. 

Nexus-Prince Shaffar – Call me crazy, but I like a well-spoken fella and with his eloquent speech, good grammar and noble sounding voice, Shaffar fits the bill.  “I have such fascinating things to show you!”  I’m sure you do, sir!

The Silly

Priestess Delrissa – I think each of her morale lowering quotes are pretty funny (“I could have swore there more of you.”), but I think the best one is saved for after you kill her.  Her corpse hits the ground and after a perfect pause, a lowly speech bubble pops up with “Not what I had… planned…”

Jan’alai – I absolutely love this guy and I do a pretty mean impression of “Where me hatcha?  Get to work on dem eggs!”  He definitely made the persistent runs for our bear mounts much more enjoyable.

Zul’jin – Which brings us to the final boss of Zul’aman and his very confident, smug and simple “Nobody badduh dan me.”  Indeed, that fight could be pretty nasty, at times.

King Ymiron – “You invade my home and then dare to challenge me?!”  The man has a point.  I get a chuckle out of this because he genuinely sounds offended that we broke into Utgarde Pinnacle to challenge him.  It’s not some cliche line, where he sounds like he’s being witty or excessively evil.  He’s really taken aback by our audacity, here.  On a side note, I love the concept of the fight, with him deriving new powers or strength from the various barges in the room.  Very neat.

Thorim – “In the mountains.”  Enough said.

Bolvar Fordagon – It’s not so much what he says, but who he sounds like when he says it.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the “Never!  I will never serve you!” and thought that he sounds a lot like Lewis Black, when you get him all fired up.  I guess I’m the minority on this one.

Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza – We rescue her from being stuck in a tree in Ruby Sanctum and I’m expecting some glorious, magical voice – like most of the other female dragons out there and instead I get an informational speech from… RuPaul?  Her voice had some bass and part of me still expects her to bid us farewell by saying “Now sashay.  Away.”

The Scary

Julianne – “Come gentle night and bring back my Romulo!”  She really summons up some grief and determination here and it sounds kind of maniacal to me and definitely balances out Romulo’s more comical side. 

Shade of Aran – He really sounds lost and a little bit mad, here.  The voice acting conveys a lot of emotions really well and portrays the person that Nielas Aran was – but also showcases the madness he has slipped into and the sheer emotion he feels for how Medivh has ended up and the perplexing situation that Nielas has now found himself in.

Leotheras the Blind – A great concept for a boss fight and I specifically enjoy the demon’s lines more than Leo’s.  But it is eerie to hear Leo battling for control and utterly losing the fight, at that.  You hear him giving into the struggle of it all and you see it, by how much damage he put out at the time.  “We all have our demons.”  So creepy!

Lady Vashj – To this day, it is still my favorite boss fight, ever.  I love the mechanics of it, I love the chaos during the phases, I love the nail-biting ending (the slime creeping over every inch, from waves of constantly spawning spore bats that will continue until you kill her) and the voice acting was well done, too.  “The time is now.  Leave none standing.”  You get a feeling she really means it. 

Teron Gorefiend – “You will show the proper respect!”  That line still jolts me out of my chair and with him being the official “first” death knight, he probably has some respect coming his way.  His other quotes are pretty creepy, with mentioning how many times he has died and all – but I can’t think of anything more scary or nerve wracking than being chosen for that damned ghost game.  It took me forever to get the hang of it. 

Reliquary of Souls – An all around pretty freaky encounter, what with the morose voice, the seductive voice and the angry voice – not to mention a really interesting mechanic, with each face/phase.  The only problem with this fight is that to this day, I still hear Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in my head during this fight – because of the instructional video I watched on how to do the fight.  It’s terrible, I know. 

Maiden of Grief – This Halls of Stone encounter really showcases the struggle this particular boss feels.  “You shouldn’t have come,” she says plainly, almost innocently.  But then she follows it up with “Now you will die.”  Once you kill her, this duality shines through yet again as she utters “I hope you all rot!” in a a decidedly angry voice and then closes with “I never wanted this,” returning to the innocent tone from the beginning of the fight. 

Algalon the Observer – To me, this fight is pure sensory overload.  One of the most beautiful rooms to engage a boss in, that I’ve ever seen and the audio of the encounter is just as flawless.  He describes everything in such epic capacity and the voice just shakes the room and you really feel at the core that this is a larger than life (or planet) personality and he really has the bearing to do what he is threatening to do to you (and the planet).  The vocals on this one always deliver.


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