Testing, Testing – Day One

17 Sep

*   Insert possible Cataclysm spoiler alert here   *

So… I decided to keep journal entries of my adventures in the Beta – starting with the first night I got to spend there.  It took me about two days to get all the launchers to work and everything downloaded, so I could begin.  I kept having an issue with going to work and leaving things to download, while I was gone and then coming home to find nothing and no progress had been made.  After 30 minutes on hold, with a lovely agent from Blizzard’s technical support (Hi, Andy!), I learned the problem was with my ad blockers and virus scan programs.  Apparently, they can still run and scan, even if you have the program closed and not visible in any way.  He suggested I temporarily un-install them and then bring them back, once I’m all set up.  And it worked!

I copied O over and arrived in Dalaran, where I had to purchase all of my riding specializations all over again and had to set up my talent trees.  I decided I would create a balance off-spec to level with and then make a spec for resto, when I could really test it out in dungeons and such.  My specs are probably a hot mess right now – I just wanted the basics to get me through the levelling process and I can fine tune them, as I get more into the Beta and more used to everything going on around me. 

I took a portal to Orgrimmar, which has a lot more metallic feel to it and feels more industrial.  There were some quests nearby that introduced me to Vash’jir and Hyjal – sort of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” of sorts.  I chose Vash’jir and promptly boarded a boat, just outside the city.  There, I enjoyed some fun dialogue between the NPCs (and a familiar face some of you may recognize) and an exciting action sequence that happens on the way there.  I admit – I stood there like an idiot and didn’t know I had to jump off into the water, so I took a round trip or two back to Org before I got the hint. 

Shortly after, I found the first quest givers and began plugging away at the opening quests in the depths of Vash’jir.  Now, maybe I just haven’t played a moonkin in quite some time or maybe they’re really not balanced out in the Beta (no pun intended) – but damn I do a lot of damage!  I don’t even have balance glyphs yet!  I never need to use roots and most things die before they even reach me.  I don’t even have a balance set – I’m just questing in my current resto gear.  I’ve also learned why people scold moonkin for sloppy applications of Starfall, because I used it at the wrong time and suddenly found myself overwhelmed by a horrible case of crabs. 

Speaking of – the dirty questlines are back, people!  I took a few screenshots of the quest logs and descriptions, because some of them were so punny and worth a laugh that I had to show them off.  I do appreciate a clever pun or innuendo and the early quests certainly do not disappoint in either department.  The only real feedback I gave so far has been related to the quests.  I found one with disastrously low spawn rates and re-spawn rates and another with quest items that just wouldn’t go away.  So, I’m helping in very small ways for now. 

I have not had a chance to do any dungeons, as you have to actually have visited them before you can queue up for them.  I will probably try out the Throne this weekend and possibly the one in Blackrock after that.  From what little healing I have done (mostly on myself), I can just feel that our heals are different.  Something is definitely amiss.  My Rejuvenation only lasts for 10 seconds now and Lifebloom doesn’t feel like it lasts long on me, either.  I do like how fast my Regrowth casts are, though.  It also weirds me out that Thorns is only a temporary buff now (meaning it fades after a short time) and it also comes with a cooldown. 

I have also decided that Starsurge is my new favorite spell – ever.  Love it!  It’s my opening pull spell, while questing.  Decent damage and comes with a stun/knockback.  Yes, please!  I played a little bit with the Eclipse bar and I enjoy it.  I admit, I don’t see why other druids are up in arms about it (past, present or future) – but that’s probably due to my inexperience with it, so of course it’s going to seem new and exciting to me.  I don’t want to seem like I’m dismissing their feelings, I just can’t say that I relate right now.  That could change!

Tonight, I think I will continue questing in Vash’jir and hit 81 while I’m at it.  I’m trying not to hit up Hyjal, unless I really have to – as I would like some things to be a surprise when Live comes.  The less repetitive things feel, the more I can enjoy levelling an alt or five.  I would like to get some dungeon time in and maybe try out a new race/class combination, too.  I have my eye on a Dwarf warlock (though I wish they looked more “evil”) or a Worgen… something.  I’m anxious to see how the lowbie levelling experience is, thus far.


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