A Place In The Sun

9 Oct

This morning’s Phone Post talks about the future of my blog and a possible change of address along with my plans for WoW come 4.0 and beyond, along with my thoughts on the recent trend of WoW bloggers trying to make the game a better place for us all, socially and how I really feel or don’t feel about that. 

Ch-ch-check it out! 


7 Responses to “A Place In The Sun”

  1. Jadissa October 9, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    Sorry to hear about the medical issues 😦 Sadly, many of those parallel problems I have… ‘course, healthcare is so darn expensive, I haven’t bothered to get checked out in probably 5 years.

    Definitely a good idea to take a break as needed for real life. I’ve done it a few times before for a week or two – it’s a bit of added complexity, having to keep my guild from feeling as though I’m abandoning them to take some well-deserved me time.

    While I can certainly appreciate Keeva wanting not to have people be offended, I have to agree with you that her views of what’s offensive is not necessarily mine. Trying to be the morality police never ends well. I’ll definitely admit a fair amount of guild in terms of throwing around “rape” casually, and I feel a certain amount of…shame, I guess, for using it so blithely. I’ve had friends and known girls who have been raped or taken advantage of, and when saying “Wow, we totally just raped that boss into the ground, nice DPS guys”, I don’t in any way intend to demean them, or to belittle their suffering.

    All in all, as a guild leader, it’s a tough edge to walk. I suppose most of them time, I just govern language with the will of the majority, and encourage anyone who becomes offended by anything I or anyone else says to come to me and speak to me about it.

    As an aside, I think Keeva went a bit off the deep end in responding to your comments/questions.

    • Oestrus October 9, 2010 at 8:50 am #

      Well that was exactly the issue with me. This job I have now is the first “adult” job I have ever really had that came with health insurance and a strong benefits package. But that doesn’t help when you’re working 50 hours a week, plus having an active social life and being a hardcore raider and doing all of those and just not having any time. And I feel like such a tool for using that as an excuse to not see a doctor and be healthy, but the truth is – that was my excuse. So a lot of the health issues getting out of control were my fault and I didn’t maintain my health. But the ER visit this week was a hard wake up call and I have a doctor who does evenings and I’m sticking to my diet and I think I may have a handle on it, this time.

      The thing is, I agreed with points she brought up. I don’t like the usage of the word “rape” like that and I don’t use it. I love my Gay friends to death and I hate the use of the word “fag” or things like that. I certainly don’t condone the use of the “N” word or terms like it. But that’s me. I find those things offensive. I would sincerely hope that others feel the same and that we all would take a common sense approach to just knowing better that those words are not OK. But I think the goal she’s proposing just isn’t practical and you could easily spend more time policing these things than doing what you come into the game to do. You could almost make that a game, in and of itself. I just think realistically, on the scope certain people are proposing, it’s just not possible or I don’t see how logistically they would do it.

      She’s entitled to her thoughts and opinions, I would never attempt to deny anybody that. That’s why we all blog. I never claimed to be taking the high road, so I don’t feel that standard or that point could be used against me. She’s still an excellent blogger and an awesome druid resource and I will still keep her on my blogroll and refer druids to her and link to her posts. For me, it’s not that deep to draw a line in the sand or take it so far. But that’s just my take on things.

      Thanks for stopping by – it’s always good to see you, Jas! 🙂

  2. Naithin October 10, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    I think you may’ve misrepresented (or at the very least misinterpreted) what exactly Keeva’s post set out to do. It was first and foremost a venting post, it was a way of expressing her epiphany and disapointment of self that she’d not only allowed this to go on uncontested in perhaps the one corner of WoW she can (as GM) control (her guild) but also participated in it to a degree.

    As a rather distant second, she set out a determination to try and cut it out herself and in her guild.

    That’s it. You’re not required to be in her guild, you’re also not required to make a change to that of a more decent person if you choose not to. If her post opened any eyes to the casual bigotry in the game and they chose to make a change? Excellent. But it was hardly a net-wide or even WoW-wide crusade to change the hearts and minds of everyone, as nice as changing the hearts and minds of everyone might actually be. 😉

    If you’d rather get caught up about someone ‘telling you what you should find offensive’ (even though no such thing was done) rather than simply ‘being a better person’ then that’s totally your business.

    In regards to the wow.com thing you mentioned, I assume you mean the most recent Drama Mama’s posting (well, most recent at time of this comment) and if so, that’s not related to Keeva’s stuff at all. I get the feeling that the person who wrote that letter was talking more about religious evangelism, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it firmly enough to tell you why.

    In any event, try not to take Keeva’s post for more than what it was. It was for herself first, her guild second, and anyone else that chose to open their eyes as a result of it third.

  3. Syl October 10, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    To be honest, I don’t really understand your viewpoint on keeva’s post. you keep saying that you support the notion and that in a “perfect world people would have the common sense not to say certain things” etc. and then you go over to saying, well it’s not a perfect world and I like to talk shit sometime myself, so I don’t agree with what she is doing.

    maybe I misunderstood you, but thats what I got from it. it’s like saying we should give up trying to make things better because we will never be able to have a perfect world anyway – I don’t understand the logic there.
    every small step counts and even if we can never be perfect that shouldn’t mean we don’t question our actions surely and re-evaluate whether some of the words we use would not better be replaced by something else?
    am far from perfect in that regard either but I am definitely trying to improve. I keep hearing people say that there’s no point in change because “everybody is doing it” etc. and that rings very hollow in my ears.

    Anyway, nobody is forced to agree with anybody of course – I just wasn’t able to follow you in that soundclip.


  4. Bloom October 11, 2010 at 12:48 am #

    Hi Oestrus,

    I’ll be forth right now and tell you I’m on Keeva’s side with regard to the language clean up in wow. I dont think you should police on a realm level but I’m fully supportive of guild’s that police it within their own guild. As I mentioned in my post on Tree Bark Jacket, I am in guild that has taken that stance since I started playing mid-Burning Crusade.

    I was listening to your audio response regarding Keeva’s audio post and you said “you felt there wasn’t enough counter argument”. I’m really curious what your arguement would be to allow people to use word’s like rape, retard and gay, among other’s …. I look forward to that post.

    I read your original post on TBJ – To summarise you Keeva imposing her belief’s is unfair to those in her guild. What you are looking for is a live and let live approach to guild management … to be honest it sounds good in theory.

    Here’s the problem: If one guild member is ok with calling people a retard, but another guild member is perhaps mentally disabled … you think its fair that the second guild member has to endure that? I think the first guildie can go without saying the word retard all the time and be just fine, the second might not want to be reminded of his disability in a game he plays to escape for a while.

    What about a guildie who has been raped IRL? Do we tell everyone that she has been raped so they don’t accidently say in front of her because it is a constant reminder of what happened? or do your guildies just learn what is acceptable and what isn’t.

    I bring those up because in my guild both these people exist. In my guild we have drawn a line in the sand and said that this is acceptable and that is not. People are free to disagree, in that choice they can either accept the rules or leave. If they choose to stay and break those rules anyhow they are given warning and then eventually booted if they persist.

    So how do you decide what is offensive and whats not … guild leadership. The same people who decide we will raid Tuesday and not Wednesday, whether to to turn on guild repair’s, decide if the guild is going to purchase that 5th bank tab.

    I agree there are shades of grey when it comes to deciding what is offensive and what isn’t. But there is nothing wrong with policing your corner of the world and surrounding yourself with like minded people, After all thats the basis of how your country came to fight for its independence … No taxation without representation !

    To summarise my post … There is nothing wrong with drawing a line in the sand … so long as its on YOUR beach !


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