The Divine Miss O

18 Oct

Good morning, citizens!

I just wanted to post a quick update here about the status of the blog and why I don’t appear to have been posting anything new on here lately.  As mentioned in my previous phone post or two, I have decided to go back to blogging full time at Divine Aegis with my dear friend Lilitharien and taking up the mantle of the holy priest voice there.  She will be covering discipline and we are very interested in finding a regular holy paladin prospective on the blog, as well.  I have decided to re-roll as a holy priest for Cataclysm and will only be playing Oestrus for the remainder of this expansion and even then, she may not see much face time. 

We seem to be getting very positive feedback from our readers and Lilith and I hope to keep the good energy flowing and we’re interested to see what Divine Aegis could really develop into.  There’s a lot of potential there, what with the number of other bloggers that appear to be closing up shop or drastically cutting back on the number of updates they put out there.  Hopefully, we can fill that void and provide just as useful of information and be just as great of a resource as other blogs that we have looked up to and respected. 

I adore this blog and this web address and I will probably keep it active, as I would probably level Oestrus as an alt.  I just wouldn’t play her as a main and would need  some place to talk about druid subjects.  I could also use this as a forum for stories or non-priest topics, in keeping with the theme and name of the blog.  So I won’t be closing down this space, just devoting much more time and effort to Divine Aegis.

If you have been kind enough to stop by once or twice or more, I thank you very much for that and hope you will consider following along with me and my endeavors in Cataclysm.  If you were gracious enough to support my page through your Blogroll or linking or anything like that, I have even more thanks for you and I appreciate it immensely.  I will try to return the favor at some point along the way.

Thanks for reading and I assure you, there is much more to come.



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