Alt-ernative Lifestyle

26 Nov

One of the things I was really excited about, in regards to the Shattering was the new leveling experience and the addition of new quests and zones to explore.  It looked absolutely incredible and I was feeling excited about the possibility of creating a level 1 toon and seeing the new world. 

The problem is that when I started creating a bunch of different alts, I couldn’t find one that I liked.  I couldn’t find one that I could see myself taking from 1-60 (at least) and nothing seemed to keep my interest.  I already have plenty of level 80s (a druid, mage, rogue, paladin, priest and shaman) and the ones that are not level 80 are probably classes I didn’t have much interest in, to begin with.  I managed to get a prot warrior up to level 15 and I am enjoying the new lowbie questlines in Azshara, but it is starting to drag and I find my attention drifting elsewhere. 

I created a Gnome death knight (I know, I know) named Shortlived and I did the death knight starting quests, to pass some time.  I was more curious about how the new trees had shaped up, since I had attempted to roll a death knight several times and the bloated talent trees were always overwhelming to me.  It was fun and I got her to level 58 and ready to enter Outland.  I couldn’t decide if I should work on her professions before I go there or later on.  I decided to shake things up a bit and work on them first and I chose being jewelcrafting and mining.

Who knew that roaming around the world in circles, mining nodes and smelting could be so relaxing and so much fun?  Originally, I was thinking I would knock out some Explorer achievements while I was at it.  But I was surprised to learn that as a death knight, my maps were already fully exposed and I really didn’t need to discover anything.  That was a bit of a bummer.  I managed to get my mining to 125 before I went to sleep and I will probably work on that more this weekend, too.  I think I’ll start leveling the jewelcrafting after I get my mining skill up to speed for my trip to Outland.

This is something I can see myself doing until Cataclysm hits.  I still have a few more raids left on my priest, mostly to try and down Lich King with the guild and play with Halion a bit.  A 10 man for fun here and there.  I may not have the immediate urge to level an alt from scratch, but I’m enjoying where this death knight is going.  I’m having fun working on professions that I have never taken before and trying to learn the finer points of death knight tanking before I reach Outland.  I don’t see myself taking any of my other 80s to 85 right away, but that could change.  I think I just got a bit ahead of myself, in terms of the desire to level a new alt.  I guess you could say that my eyes got bigger than my stomach, sorta speak.

If only I could go home early today.  I just found out that a new team is literally monitoring my time usage today and they feel that we’re underperforming.  Of course we are, it’s the day after Thanksgiving!  We are stuffed and hungover (well, not me) and tired.  Half the office isn’t even here!  Lunch is certainly going to be fun, since half the restaurants in the area are closed.  I have no idea where I’m going to eat and I didn’t have any leftovers to bring. 

Black Friday, indeed!


4 Responses to “Alt-ernative Lifestyle”

  1. Apple November 26, 2010 at 11:30 am #

    I think it’s funny that of all the little alts I’ve rolled, my gnome priest is the one I’m having the most fun with. I was having fun with my troll druid as well, but I’m hanging back on levelling her too much because I want to level a Worgen druid and don’t want to burn myself out on druiding. 😉

    It’s kinda fun, though – I got a priest to 22 once, mostly because once I hit 15 I had a friend who wanted me to heal dungeons. So I slapped a disc spec on, bubbled up a few levels, got bored, (partially because I felt SO FREAKING SQUISHY) and never went back. I’ve never been good at being squishy. XD But playing disc has changed, and Penance is fucking BADASS, and I’m having a LOT of fun levelling Mattie – she’ll definitely hit 20 tonight before I log on Lis to level her professions. ^^;; I’m kind of hoping Mattie and my as-of-yet-unnamed Worgen Druid make it to 85 – I’d love to have more than one. (it’s gonna be the 60-80 grind that kills me, going through the content I’ve seen before. Outland the worst. /fistshake)

    • Oestrus November 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

      I’m so glad you commented on my blog, Apple!

      Yeah, I think people can’t help what attracts them to a particular alt or something. It just kind of happens. I think part of the problem was that I was choosing level 1 alts of classes that I had already had at level 80 or that I already tried to level in the past and it didn’t stick. I was hoping the changes to the world and to the classes might change my feelings, but it didn’t. Maybe that was the problem or maybe it was something deeper and I just wasn’t “feeling it.” I enjoy the DK so far and I’m pretty damn cute for a dead midget (sorry, little person). The professions are fun and I think it’s a relaxing way to pass the time until Cata hits and I have to be all business and level and prepare for raids and such.

      I love your priest’s name, by the way and I’m excited to run with her in the future.


  2. Osephala November 28, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    I haven’t leveled a toon from level 1 yet, I’m waiting for Cataclysm and after I level Ose to 85 to make my Worgen, but I have been going back and doing all the revamped quests on Ose and I really have to hand it to Blizzard. They made leveling not seem like such a chore, it unfolds like a story, it’s just wonderful. Everything is just so shiny and new. I am looking forward to this expansion so much. I’m such an altoholic, I wish that there were more slots on one server!

    • Oestrus November 29, 2010 at 8:31 am #

      Hey there, Ose!

      I have never had the issue of not having enough character slots on a realm. I can hardly decide what to play as is! I do feel kind of bad that I have so many 80s and I don’t have any desire to really take any of them to 85 or do much more with them. I can’t help but feel like I wasted time or that I could have been pouring that energy into my mains (old and new) and maxing out their Cooking or Fishing or things like that.

      I agree, from what I’ve seen the new world looks fantastic and the new settlements like neat and the quest flow feels really smooth. I managed to drag my level 15 warrior thru Azshara and those quests were a blast. I just don’t have the motivation, at the moment. I’m sure I will, but I can’t think of what to level. Other than the DK, I have 80s of everything I would want to play. I’m not too excited about leveling something I already have, but maybe leveling with a buddy would cure me of that. Hint, hint.


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