24 Dec

I haven’t been posting on Divine Aegis for a couple of weeks now, due to a number of factors.

The first one being that Cataclysm came out and I had devoted myself to leveling to 85 and enjoying the leveling experience.  Our guild has a pending start time for raids of January 4th, so then I dedicated myself to gearing up for Heroics and farming the gear I need to be raid ready.  That furor has kind of died down a bit and now I’m running instances at a more steady pace and taking the time to squeeze in some dailies and to pursue more enjoyable side endeavors, like archaeology.

Secondly, I have been very busy networking and expanding my place in the blogosphere.  I did a guest post over at Eccliastical Discipline, shortly before Cataclysm was released and then I auditioned for the role of Matticus’ next podcast partner.  I was fortunate enough to make it to the second round of auditions and participated in a “mockisode” with him and Brian Hough, from The Creep Podcast.  In the end, they chose a wonderful blogger named Kat to be one of their main podcast partners and Matticus offered me a spot as a contributing blogger on World of Matticus, instead.

My first post was published on there earlier this week and seemed to receive a positive response.  I’m kind of experiencing some writer’s block, surrounding anything priest based.  I have a number of ideas for posts, but I still haven’t experienced some of the things that I want to write about.  For example, I have been slowly hammering away at a holy priest How To guide and I wanted to make sure that I could seriously defend and understand my talent and glyph choices before I encourage others to follow my lead.  I don’t feel I’m quite there yet.

Plus, it’s the holidays and it seems there is a general feeling of AFK while everyone enjoys the season with their loved ones and such.  I would ideally like to finish my holy priest guide this weekend and have a post for World of Matticus in by Monday.  I’m not sure if I should push myself that hard or go a bit more easier on myself and hold off until after New Year’s.  I always have this fear that if I don’t post on a regular timeframe or often enough that I’m going to lose what little audience I have and all my hard work will be for nothing.  Sometimes I have to re-assure myself that it’s OK to take a week in between posts or perhaps even two, for special situations like this.

Life happens.  What can you do?

I’m stuck at work today from 7am – 3pm on Christmas Eve and I plan on getting as low in my chair as I can and turning my music on high, while I peruse files and hope the day goes by faster.  My family doesn’t really do much until Christmas Day, so I would like to think I could maybe squeeze in some writing tonight or at least get my archaeology to 100, since I have a ton of Night Elf artifcats burning a hole in my pocket and Tyrande’s Favorite Doll is calling my name.

Happy Holidays, everyone and check back for future post holiday updates!


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