24 Dec

I haven’t been posting on Divine Aegis for a couple of weeks now, due to a number of factors.

The first one being that Cataclysm came out and I had devoted myself to leveling to 85 and enjoying the leveling experience.  Our guild has a pending start time for raids of January 4th, so then I dedicated myself to gearing up for Heroics and farming the gear I need to be raid ready.  That furor has kind of died down a bit and now I’m running instances at a more steady pace and taking the time to squeeze in some dailies and to pursue more enjoyable side endeavors, like archaeology.

Secondly, I have been very busy networking and expanding my place in the blogosphere.  I did a guest post over at Eccliastical Discipline, shortly before Cataclysm was released and then I auditioned for the role of Matticus’ next podcast partner.  I was fortunate enough to make it to the second round of auditions and participated in a “mockisode” with him and Brian Hough, from The Creep Podcast.  In the end, they chose a wonderful blogger named Kat to be one of their main podcast partners and Matticus offered me a spot as a contributing blogger on World of Matticus, instead. 

My first post was published on there earlier this week and seemed to receive a positive response.  I’m kind of experiencing some writer’s block, surrounding anything priest based.  I have a number of ideas for posts, but I still haven’t experienced some of the things that I want to write about.  For example, I have been slowly hammering away at a holy priest How To guide and I wanted to make sure that I could seriously defend and understand my talent and glyph choices before I encourage others to follow my lead.  I don’t feel I’m quite there yet.

Plus, it’s the holidays and it seems there is a general feeling of AFK while everyone enjoys the season with their loved ones and such.  I would ideally like to finish my holy priest guide this weekend and have a post for World of Matticus in by Monday.  I’m not sure if I should push myself that hard or go a bit more easier on myself and hold off until after New Year’s.  I always have this fear that if I don’t post on a regular timeframe or often enough that I’m going to lose what little audience I have and all my hard work will be for nothing.  Sometimes I have to re-assure myself that it’s OK to take a week in between posts or perhaps even two, for special situations like this. 

Life happens.  What can you do?

I’m stuck at work today from 7am – 3pm on Christmas Eve and I plan on getting as low in my chair as I can and turning my music on high, while I peruse files and hope the day goes by faster.  My family doesn’t really do much until Christmas Day, so I would like to think I could maybe squeeze in some writing tonight or at least get my archaeology to 100, since I have a ton of Night Elf artifcats burning a hole in my pocket and Tyrande’s Favorite Doll is calling my name. 

Happy Holidays, everyone and check back for future post holiday updates!


3 Responses to “Holiday”

  1. Darista January 3, 2011 at 12:24 pm #

    Hey, no worries! I often go a week or two between posts — mostly for a lack of anything to write about, haha! — and judging by numbers, I don’t lose my small audience. You take your sweet time, sounds like you could use a break to recupe! 🙂

    And, yes! Get that Archaeology up! I found three rares from leveling, but no Doll yet. I’ll just have to keep digging those Nelf digsites ’til I get it!

    • Oestrus January 3, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

      I went thru a huge dry spell, mostly because everything with Cata hit me all at once. It was “Quick, get to level 85! OK, you’re 85. Now get 340 iLevel! You got that? Cool. Now go do Heroics and find gems and pick herbs for flasks and learn the strategies and…” Pressure!

      Now that things are calming down and I’m actually experiencing things instead of rushing through them (and that we’ll be raiding soon), I’m feeling inspired and creative again, which feels incredible. I’m sitting on about 3 ideas for posts, right now. I just have to decide which should go to which page. I’m trying to keep my posts for WoM more general and the ones for DA more priesty.

      The funny thing is that neither person has given me any reason to stress or get frazzled about this. It’s all me, in my head. Lilitharien (who I write at DA with) is beyond laid back and couldn’t care less when I post and Matticus couldn’t be more supportive and encouraging (though still firm and honest). I don’t have any set deadlines. It’s me who feels like crap when I don’t write or like I’m going to miss out on something. Like they say, you are your worst critic!

      • Darista January 4, 2011 at 10:56 am #

        I know how you feel! Obviously I have only my blog to worry about, and even though I know I don’t post very often and I’m okay with that, I get that creeping feeling like I *should* be writing more. All these other bloggers write posts out the wazoo and I’m like “I could never keep up with that given my schedule”. I just have to accept the fact that I probably won’t be posting as often as other bloggers and that quality over quantity should be my main focus. (Obviously I’m not saying other people’s posts aren’t quality just cause they post a lot of them! haha)

        I really enjoy blogging, moreso than I thought I would, and I, too, am very much looking forward to the start of raiding this week. At least I’ll have some boss kills to write about and post screenies of haha! I think that with raiding I’ll get a better feel for my class and spec, so that might help boost some kind of creativeness regarding that. I hope, anyways! 🙂

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