Getting The Most Out Of Body & Soul In Blackwing Descent

28 Feb

Body & Soul has been getting quite a bit of attention recently, first as a key component to becoming a bubble spamming holy priest and then due to the release of the 4.1.0 patch notes.  On the PTR, it was rumored that Body & Soul would be receiving a very substantial nerf – one that would take the movement speed bonus from 60% to 20% (assuming you have two points in the talent).  That’s a pretty big deal and there was immediate discussion about whether or not it would be worth it to have points in Body & Soul anymore and where else we could put the points if we didn’t keep them there.  Fortunately, it just ended up being a tooltip error and we were all able to rest a little easier.

Personally, I love Body & Soul and it would be sorely missed if I didn’t have it available anymore.  I don’t feel like enough people really appreciate it the way that I do, so I figured I would compile a list of examples and settings where Body & Soul could really shine for you and possibly even others in your raid.  Let’s start off with Blackwing Descent and how you could be getting the most out of this underrated talent.


The biggest reason to use Body & Soul here is to avoid the Pillar of Flame that will come up frequently during this encounter.  If you happen to get caught in the Pillar you can use Levitate to try and avoid the fall damage, but you should be preventing it completely if at all possible.  Throwing a shield on yourself will help you run to the other side and to avoid this.

You can also use the speed boost if you find yourself in the middle of some parasites or on the wrong side of the room when Ignition hits.  This will help you to avoid becoming infected,  which would lead to more adds and to avoid more incoming damage that could have been prevented.

Omnotron Defense System

There are a number of ways that Body & Soul can be put to great use here.  You can use it on yourself or anyone else who becomes the Fixate target for one of the poison bombs, which will allow the slime to be kited around more efficiently and which will help someone avoid being blown up by the slime if it hits you.  Fun fact:  you can be killed by any slime hitting you, even if it isn’t the one that is specifically chasing you.

You can also use it on targets that are affected with Lightning Conductor and that would deal damage to anyone standing within a certain range of them.

The speed boost can also be useful for getting out of the way if you find you are in line of sight of someone who has been chosen by Magmatron’s Acquiring Target.


If Maloriak tosses a red vial into his cauldron, everyone but the off tank and their healer will need to stack up in front of him.  Depending on where you are in the room, Body & Soul can help you get there that much faster.

Tanks could also use Body & Soul, either because of needing to kite Maloriak around the room to avoid Magma Jets or due to the off tank needing to kite the Aberrations around the room until the rest of the raid is able to successfully kill Maloriak.


The only use that I can think of for Body & Soul on this encounter is for someone who is trying to kite Chimaeron during the final burn phase.  Body & Soul could possibly help them stay alive a few seconds longer and could buy time for the rest of the raid to get it down.  I don’t see why it couldn’t work, if even for only a very short period of time.


To me, this is the fight where Body & Soul really shines in Blackwing Descent and where you will probably see your raid leader specifically asking for it to be used here.

The main reason for this is due to Sonic Breath.  Whoever gets targetted with this is going to need to kite the beam in the appropriate direction and make sure they are not getting hit as they do.  For each second they get hit by the breath, they take 15,000 damage and get 20 more sound tacked on to them.  The more sound they have, the faster the Sonic Breath will follow them.  You will most likely be asked to throw a bubble onto the person who is targetted, to help them get through this.  It makes a huge difference and has saved quite a few lives in my raids.

Sonar Pulses and Sonar Bombs will also need to be avoided throughout the fight and a speed boost from your shields can help you or others do that.

You could potentially also use the speed boost to help whoever is assigned to gong duty get closer to an available shield when needed.  If they’re not able to reach a shield in time, people whose sound may have gotten too high could become a target for Devastation and be killed fairly quickly.  Having that additional burst of speed from your shields could help them make it in time to prevent this.


There are a few great uses for Body & Soul during the final boss encounter of Blackwing Descent.  The first is for when you are trying to run to your assigned pillar as phase 2 is about to start.  You do not want to be too far away when the lava starts to rise, because otherwise you will be stuck swimming in the lava to get there and taking massive amounts of stacking damage as you do.

The other reason that Body & Soul can shine on this fight is for when the add tank is needing to kite the bone warriors away from Nefarian and for when you need to follow the tank closely in order to heal them.  Currently we run with 3 healers on the add tank for phase 3 and it’s not uncommon to find me throwing shields on each of us at any given time, to make sure that we can keep up with the tank and that they are always receiving heals.

Hopefully this post has illustrated some of the reasons why I would greatly miss not having Body & Soul as something to use and to have available.  If you feel I have missed a good use for it, let me know and I will gladly include it here.  The point is that I don’t want this talent to be something nobody mourns if it gets nerfed or is taken away.  I want it to be something that holy priests and their peers use and find new creative uses for.  I’m already doing that and you should be, too.


6 Responses to “Getting The Most Out Of Body & Soul In Blackwing Descent”

  1. Amyranth February 28, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    I am embarrassed that I ignored B&S for much of WotLK. I didn’t pick it up until I was in ICC – since then I feel like I couldn’t live without it. 🙂

    You hit on a bunch of good uses in regular BWD, it’s even more useful in many heroic modes where players have to react that much faster.

    I B&S as many people as possible when we are running back after a wipe, or just moving through trash quickly. Of course with priority to the healers & my best buddies. 🙂

    • Oestrus February 28, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

      Hello Amy,

      I was a resto druid for much of WotLK, but when I did become a full time holy priest I even had it. So you could say that I was an early convert. I’m pretty sure that the Heroic modes will create more uses for B&S and once I get there (because I’m not too far from those, I hope) I will be sure and update this or do a whole new Heroic version of this post.

      As for your usage of B&S while running back and healing those you enjoy running with – yes, I approve.


  2. Gina March 9, 2011 at 5:47 am #

    Great article! I’ve always been disco, never got into holy. So this is really great for me to share with my fellow holy priests in our guild. Thx 🙂

    • Oestrus March 9, 2011 at 9:51 am #

      You’re very welcome! I plan on writing the follow up to this for Bastion of Twilight later in the week.

      Stop by and take a gander.


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