Getting The Most Out Of Body & Soul In Bastion Of Twilight

10 Mar

Last week, I touched base on which encounters Body & Soul would really shine on in Blackwing Descent.  Today, I’ll discuss the second instance that was released for Cataclysm, Bastion of Twilight.  As always, if you have any additional uses for Body & Soul that were not covered in this post, please feel free to share them with me and I’ll be sure to include them and give you credit in the process. 

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

There aren’t too many uses for Body & Soul during the Halfus encounter.  You could perhaps shield a tank that is trying to race towards a recently controlled drake that needs to be taunted and picked up or you could use the speed boost to inch closer towards the raid or the tank, if you were seperated by Shadow Nova and want to get closer to heal people.  Fun fact:  Lightwell does incredibly well here, as it can be clicked on during Furious Roar and will help keep people alive while it is happening.

Valiona & Theralion

There are a number of uses for Body & Soul during this boss fight.  First off, the speed boost can be helpful for getting the Blackout target over to where they need to be for it to be dispelled properly.  Body & Soul can also help someone avoid or run through Devouring Flames.  While this ability may seem very easy to avoid, it still seems to cause a casualty or two in my raid and so anything that can be done to help avoid that would be quite welcome.

As Theralion prepares to land and engage your raid, he will conjure a number of circles on the ground called Dazzling Destruction.  You can use the speed boost to work your way around these or to help you make it through the Twilight realm if you end up getting trapped in there.  Body & Soul is also useful for people that need to bring themselves closer to the group, if they are targeted with Twilight Meteorite and can help people run away from the group if they are affected by Engulfing Magic. 

Last but not least, Valiona will attempt to trap your raid within various portions of the room with Deep Breath.  She will yell out to Theralion which portion of the room she plans to breathe on, while flying to the end of the room and starting there before flying to the opposite end of the room.  It’s not a bad idea to toss a shield on yourself to make sure you get out of the way, because you will instantly end up in the Twilight realm if you get caught in the flames.

Ascendant Council

This fight requires a lot of movement which means Body & Soul could see a lot of use here.  For starters, Feludius and Ignacious will each target someone with Heart of Ice and Burning Blood which will force that person towards a certain portion of the raid (either melee or ranged) so those people can deal more damage by being around the affected target.  It’s important that each person affected gets to whoever needs their buff as quickly as possible. 

Feludius’ water attacks will sometimes cause a debuff called Waterlogged which can be removed by running towards a trail of flames left behind by Ignacious’ Inferno Rush.  An extra burst of speed can help you run towards the flames to remove the debuff or run away from them if you’re standing in the fire and do not need to be.

For Arion and Terrestra, you can use Body & Soul to help you manage the debuff you need to have at any given time to mitigate the damage from each of their special abilities. 

When they first appear, you will want to be ready to run towards a black cyclone that will appear to blow around the room.  Running into one will give you Swirling Winds and will help you avoid Terrestra’s Quake ability.  After that, you will need to find a dark, swirling vortex on the ground to pick up the Grounded debuff.  This will cause you to avoid damage from Arion’s Thundershock.  Body & Soul can help you run towards these things much faster, so you can make sure you’re not taking massive amounts of damage from each. 

In addition to managing your debuffs, you will want to remain spread out from people, particularly because of Lightning Rod and Body & Soul can help you do this.  You will also want to remain spread out for the last phase of this encounter so you can better avoid the effects left behind on the ground by the Monstrosity.  Avoid any Lava Seeds and do not stand in Liquid Ice.  Don’t stand too close to people because of Electric Instability.  All of these things can be avoided or made easier to deal with because of the burst of speed provided by your shields.


There are a few things in this encounter that you want to avoid, not only because of the large amounts of damage that you will take but because of the amount of Corruption that you will pick up by being hit with these abilities.

The most important ability to avoid is Corrupting Crash.  If need be, toss a shield on yourself to help you get out of the way of this.

You will also not want to be anywhere near a Corrupted Adherent when it dies so you can avoid the Spilled Blood of the Old God.  If your raid doesn’t kill the Adherent in time,  the Adherent will convert into a small amount of adds known as Congealed Blood of the Old God.  Throw a shield on the person or persons in charge of kiting them or snaring them so your ranged can safely AOE them down.

Now that my guild has cleared Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Descent, we are free to spend more time on some entry level hard modes and Al’akir.  Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on what place Body & Soul has during the encounters found at the Throne of the Four Winds and beyond!


5 Responses to “Getting The Most Out Of Body & Soul In Bastion Of Twilight”

  1. Harvey March 11, 2011 at 8:01 am #

    Hello O,

    I think that you’re missing a huge benefit of B&S here.

    Leap of Faith also activates the little speed boost.

    So, think of the Council fight where the melee has your buff – Yoink! LoF him to the ranged.

    Think of Cho’Gall, when the tank handling the Adherant has brought the add to the kill spot and it dies, BAM – LoF the tank, and with the speed boost he can quickly come taunt Cho off the second tank after fury goes off.

    There are countless uses for LoF and with B&S it makes it all that more sexy. FWIW put it on your bars 😛

    • Oestrus March 11, 2011 at 8:22 am #


      You’re absolutely right. Leap of Faith does trigger the speed bonus from Body & Soul and using those together can open up a bunch of new possibilities and even new variations of the examples that I named in the post.

      I will certainly add both of your ideas to the mix and I appreciate the feedback!

      P.S. I may consider putting LoF on my bars. Read: may.


      • Miles March 11, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

        Refusing to use Leap of Faith? Why gimp yourself from such a useful raid ability? It can be used for both quality-of-life and wipe-saving on Atramedes, Chimaeron, Nefarian, Elementium Monstrosity, and Al’Akir (HUGE here). It becomes almost necessary to use on Heroic Atramedes (you can not use it, but that’d be silly).

        • Oestrus March 14, 2011 at 7:30 am #

          I can’t help but feel like I have heard the same arguments about how a particular spell will be used for quality of life and wipe saving when I didn’t have any points in Improved Death. Now that I have a point in said talent, I can’t say that I’m doing anything close to wipe saving or that quality of life was improved by such a talent. I feel the same about those arguments, in line with Leap Of Faith.

          It’s useful and swell in situational ways. However, I will disagree that it’s as game changing as you suggest.

          When the time comes where it is mandatory and does carry that amount of weight, such as on H Atramedes, you can absolutely guarantee that I will be making full use out of it. Until then, I can’t say that I agree or that I will be.


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