New Double O Podcast – Episode Three!

16 May

The critics and the press agree:  Episode 3 of the Double O Podcast is out and ready for your listening consumption!

This episode features our guest host, Codi from MoarHPS and we spend the whole time talking about other people’s business.  Blizzard’s, Sony’s, Trion’s, Electronic Arts.  We talk about the dollars and cents (and sense) these companies make, what they do with it or could stand to do with it, how we feel as customers and we share our thoughts on just where we feel the MMO industry is headed or in which direction it needs to go.

Ophelie and I had a great time re-connecting with our old friend Codi and I think we all learned a little something we didn’t know before on this episode.  You can also now find the Double O Podcast on iTunes, where you can rate us, leave reviews and download episodes of the show for free and anytime, day or night.

If you’re looking for other things to keep you entertained, check out recent posts by some of my favorite new priest bloggers.  Lunarsoul recently wrote about the decision to Smite heal or not to Smite heal and Tomaj has a level headed take on the recent changes to our T12 set over at his page.  Feel free to show them some love and see just what they have to say.

Enjoy and have a great Monday!


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