New Sundering Podcast – X’s And O’s!

7 Jun

What’s two and a half hours long and comes with one X, one O, a big C and a whole lot of Fyst

The latest episode of the Sundering podcast!

Tune in to hear more about:

– How to know if your guild is ready for Firelands and what to do if it’s not
– Why I hate the state of Georgia
– My thoughts on the business behind gold farming
– What I really think about people who say holy priests can’t tank heal
– My plans for Blizzcon and my feelings on meeting people in the game


– Finding love and lust in the World of Warcraft.

These guys definitely got a lot out of me and this was the most candid podcast episode that I have ever done.  We had a lot of laughs, some great conversation and pushed a few buttons along the way.  Take a listen and have a great time along with us!


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