New Double O Podcast – Episode Four!

15 Jun

Lock your doors and hide the chidren, because Episode 4 of the Double O Podcast is out and ready for your enjoyment!

After a brief hiatus, Ophelie and I return with Cynwise, from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual in tow.  The three of us discuss everything and anything PVP, including how Cynwise got started in PVP and how you can, too.  We talk about whether or not PVP is really all that different from PVE and how one can make you better at the other.  Lastly, Ophelie and I come clean about why we think our friends don’t ask us to PVP with them anymore.

At one hour and forty-five minutes, we packed a lot into this episode and we were delighted to have Cynwise with us.  He was just as gracious and intelligent as we had hoped and we would love to have him back on the show again some time.  Don’t forget that you can find the Double O Podcast on iTunes, where you can subscribe to us, leave a review and download episodes for free.

If you’re looking for a few posts to keep you entertained or that may even get you thinking, I encourage you to check out Beruthiel’s recent post about the hidden cost of progression,  Shintar’s post about what the game would be like if Wrath never happened, and Alas’ hilarious Lightwell haiku

Be safe!


One Response to “New Double O Podcast – Episode Four!”

  1. Cynwise June 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    It was a pleasure being on the show. Thank you both for having me!

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