4.2.0 Loot Priorities For Holy Priests

17 Jun

With the release of the 4.2.0 cinematic trailer comes the feeling of anticipation and even relief that the next patch is on the horizon.  People seem to be divided on when 4.2.0 will actually be released, though most agree that it will either be on June 21st or June 28th.  Regardless of when it comes, you will certainly want to have an idea of what gear you should be keeping an eye out for and where your next upgrades will be coming from.

I had already started what was supposed to be a two part series on Firelands loot listings when I realized that there were other ways you could get gear and other places you could get it besides the Firelands raid instance.  As of this writing, there are at least five ways you can go about getting upgrades for your character:

Avengers of Hyjal faction rewards
Mark of the World Tree vendors
Valor Points vendors

You can also go about upgrading select drops from the Firelands and certain pieces that you can buy with Valor Points to their Heroic versions, with the help of Crystallized Firestone.  Those can be found off any of the bosses in the Firelands instance that you defeat on Heroic mode and each upgrade only requires one Firestone.

Because I wanted to make sure that I included everything that could be available to a raiding holy priest, I decided to start over from scratch and make a new post that would include loot from all five of the sources listed above.  I also decided not to show the chain of upgrades for each armor slot and to just list the pieces that you’re going to want and where you can get them from.  Only items of regular quality will be included in this post, as I don’t anticipate anyone getting their hands on anything of Heroic quality this close to the patch being released.

Let’s take it from the top!


Flickering Cowl
Cowl of the Cleansing Flame

Flickering Cowl used to be a strong off-set piece with a set amount of stats.  Recently, it has been converted to a helm with a random enchantment on it, similar to loot that you may find from bosses in the Throne of the Four Winds.  The only reliable information that we have on it is that it will come with a meta gem socket, a yellow gem socket and a 30 intellect socket bonus.

Depending on how lucky you are with drops and the stats that will end up being on this piece when it does, you may want to stick with you have and hold out for the T12 helm. Most people believe that the helm and shoulder tokens are going to drop from Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros, though it’s uncertain which boss will drop which token.  There is also the chance that another boss in Firelands may drop these.  What we do know is that your helm and shoulders are the only tier pieces that you can’t purchase with Valor Points.  So if the Flickering Cowl turns out to be something you don’t want, you will most likely be holding out for the T12 helm and based on the stats, it looks to be worth the wait.


Firemind Pendant
Heartstone of Rhyolith
Flowform Choker

The Firemind Pendant and the Heartstone of Rhyolith are a lot alike, except the Heartstone comes with more spirit and less mastery.  Personally, I see my Valor Points being earmarked for other pieces, so I would probably take the Heartstone before I spend any badges to get the Firemind Pendant.  However, if you’re not having any luck getting your hands on the Heartstone, either because others are getting it first or it just won’t drop for you, the Firemind Pendant is a wonderful option and could be yours for 1,250 Valor Points.

To me, the Flowform Choker seems like it would be more appealing to a DPS caster, so I would probably let them have first dibs on that before I roll on it.  I also prefer to have spirit on most of my pieces, so the lack of spirit on that would probably make me turn it down, too.  If for whatever reason you can’t get something better or if you feel that you’re at a point where spirit isn’t as important to you, then the Flowform Choker would make a fine choice.


Mantle of Closed Doors
Mantle of the Cleansing Flame

At first glance, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be a while before we see any shoulder upgrades.  The Mantle of Closed Doors drops from Baleroc and we’re leaning towards one of the two bosses after him dropping our T12 shoulders.  They come with no spirit on them and critical strike rating, which I would probably re-forge to haste to go along with the nice amount of mastery on them.  The lack of spirit makes them really unattractive to me, so I will most likely hold out for my T12 shoulders, unless I feel like my regen is in a good place where I can do without all that spirit that I would normally have.  I would also imagine that competition for shoulder tokens is going to be intense, so I may have to resort to taking the Mantle of Closed Doors until it’s my turn to win one.


Wings of Flame
Flowing Flamewreath Cape

In my opinion, Flowing Flamewreath Cape is going to be our BiS cloak, because of the stats on it and because of how easy it should be to obtain.  You can get the cloak from being at Friendly status with the new Avengers of Hyjal faction and for the low cost of only 250 gold.  This compared to the Wings of Flame, which has no spirit on it, comes with critical strike rating and mastery and drops from Alysrazor.  Which one would you choose?


Robes of Smoldering Devastation
Robes of the Cleansing Flame

Despite the lack of spirit on it, the Robes of Smoldering Devastation should hold you over until you can afford to buy your T12 chest piece with Valor Points.  It comes with red and blue gem sockets, a 20 intellect socket bonus and a large amount of haste and mastery.  Depending on which stat you’re choosing to focus on, you can choose to re-forge the other stat to spirit, if you’re that concerned with not having any on your chest piece.  It also drops from Beth’tilac, which is a boss that some have said makes a great first choice to focus on in the Firelands.


Firesoul Wristguards
Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom

Across the board, bracers seem to be one of the most elusive pieces of armor for someone to get their hands on.  For 1,250 Valor Points, you can purchase the Firesoul Wristguards or you can hold off until you reach Majordomo Staghelm and keep your eyes peeled for the Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom, which have no spirit on them, critical strike rating and haste.  Personally, I would go with the Wristguards.  But if your DPS doesn’t mind or you feel like you’re at a point where spirit isn’t a concern anymore, then the Wristwraps may be more up your alley.


Smoldering Censer of Purity  (Staff)
Funeral Pyre  (Staff)

Chelley’s Sterilized Scalpel (Main Hand)
Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord  (Main Hand)

Globe of Moonlight  (Off-Hand)
Goblet of Anger  (Off-Hand)

As you can see, you have a few choices for weapons, depending on if you prefer staves or a main hand/off-hand combination.  If Beth’tilac is in fact one of the easier targets in Firelands, then you will probably begin your journey in the Firelands with the Funeral Pyre and work your way up towards something better.

Chelley’s Sterilized Scalpel is listed as a trash drop, so that would probably be your next best piece or your first new weapon upgrade, depending on which bosses your raid attempts to down first or depending on which loot you manage to have drop for you.  After that would probably come the Smoldering Censer of Purity, though I’m not sure who it drops off of or where it comes from.  It wasn’t listed with any of the new vendors or any of the loot tables for the bosses in Firelands, though that could change.  It’s still a strong piece, so try and put your name in the running for it if it drops.

Otherwise, the main hand that should be on just about every healer’s wish list is going to be Ko’gun.  This and the Scalpel would pair up nicely with any of the two new available off-hands, found in either the Firelands (Goblet of Anger) or by saving up your Marks of the World Tree and purchasing one from one of the new vendors at the Molten Front (Globe of Moonlight).


Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion
Scorchvine Wand

If you’re anything like me and just now equipped an epic wand, after months of  being passed over for Finkle’s Mixer Upper and not having any luck getting the wand from ZG/ZA because you just don’t set foot in those places, then you’re in luck!  Your BiS wand, the Scorchvine Wand, is going to come from Valor Points and you can even upgrade it to the Heroic version with one Crystallized Firestone.  The Stinger, which drops from Majordomo Staghelm is an excellent consolation prize, but to me the Scorchvine Wand is the clear choice for us.


Widow’s Clutches
Grips of Altered Reality
Handwraps of the Cleansing Flame
Fingers of Incineration

There are four choices that we have for our gloves and only one of them comes directly from the Firelands instance.  What it really comes down to is availability.  The Widow’s Clutches can be purchased with Marks of the World Tree, while the T12 gloves can be purchased with Valor Points.  The Fingers only drop from Ragnaros and The Grips of Altered Reality can be crafted via Tailoring and appear to be pretty pricey to make.

Not only do you need 8 Dreamcloth, you also need 4 Living Ember.  It’s being speculated that Living Ember are the Cataclysm equivalent of Primordial Saronite, which means that other people are more likely to get their hands on some of those before you are.  Because you have two other options that are more easier to obtain, I would let your guildies fight over the Embers and save up your Marks or Valor Points for the Clutches or the Handwraps.


Embereye Belt
Majordomo’s Chain of Office

The Embereye Belt only requires that you be Honored with the Avengers of Hyjal to purchase it, whereas you can imagine who you have to kill to get the Chain of Office.  Neither one of those has spirit on it, so that’s a battle you won’t win.  I would start off by taking the Embereye Belt and use that until you can get your hands on the other choice.  Re-forge the critical strike rating to spirit, if you’re worried about not having enough (like I am) and enjoy!


Leggings of Billowing Fire
Legwraps of the Cleansing Flame

The Leggings drop from Alysrazor and have no spirit on them, critical strike rating  and haste and two yellow gem sockets.  Our T12 legs have a red and a yellow gem socket and come with nothing but critical strike rating.  Now I know what they say when people say “You can’t win for losing.”  I suppose I would take the Leggings until I could get the Legwraps.  I would re-forge the critical strike rating to spirit and count the days until my T12 legs became a real possibility.


Coalwalker Sandals
Endless Dream Walkers

I’m going to go on record and say that the Dream Walkers are looking like our BiS boots right now.  I realize what I said earlier about Living Ember potentially being hard to come by, but I stand by my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, you can get by just fine with the Coalwalker Sandals.  I mean, the socket bonus is nothing special, they have no spirit on them, they come with critical strike rating and less haste than the Dream Walkers.  But otherwise they should hold you over nicely until you can scrape up the Living Ember and the Dreamcloth necessary to make the Dream Walkers for yourself (or to have someone else make them for you).


Spirit Fragment Band
Soothing Brimstone Circle
Quicksilver Signet
Crystal Prison Band

The two rings that I would like to end up with are the Soothing Brimstone Circle and the Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers, which come from Valor Points and by being Exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal, respectively.  Depending on how many Valor Points you have available and how diligent you are with your dailies, it could take you a while to get your hands on those particular items.  There are other rings that you would do well with, until you can get those two or if you decide that you don’t need the spirit or would prefer other stats on your rings.   I would still consider the Quicksilver Ring to be a must have, though.


Moonwell Chalice
Rune of Zeth
Fiery Quintessence
Eye of Blazing Power
Necromantic Focus
Jaws of Defeat

Some of these trinkets are clear cut upgrades and others may take some tinkering to get them to work for you or would just suffice until something better comes along.  The Chalice is interesting, as it appears to be the first on-use trinket that grants mastery when activated.  If you find yourself on the mastery side of the haste v. mastery debate, then this trinket could be a great choice for you.

Necromantic Focus also can increase your mastery, each time you deal periodic damage.  If you can get the hang of working Devouring Plague or SW: Pain into your rotation to keep the stacks up, you could have an additional 420 mastery pretty consistently at your disposal.

Rune of Zeth doesn’t immediately stand out as something we would want, due to the large amount of critical stike rating that it comes with.  However, the on-use intellect buff is comparable with the intellect buff from another possible trinket upgrade, the Fiery Quintessence.  While the Quintessence might be more immediately attractive, because of the large amount of spirit that it comes with, the on-use effect from the Rune gives you 128 more intellect.  The critical stike rating on the Rune can also easily be re-forged into 153 of another stat of your choosing.

The last two choices are fairly obvious for us:  the Eye of Blazing Power and the Jaws of Defeat.  The Eye is basically a re-vamped version of Althor’s Abacus and I would assume that the healing from it would trigger our mastery, too.  This makes it an even more attractive choice, to me.  The only thing I would like to see clarified is whether or not the Eye will trigger from each spell I cast or each time I heal someone.  The Abacus was worded “each time your spells heal a target” and the Eye says “your healing spells,”  so I’m assuming that something like Circle of Healing would only have one chance to trigger the Eye and not one chance per however many people that spell healed.

Lastly, the Jaws of Defeat comes with a healthy amount of intellect and an on-use effect that allows you to reduce the cost of your holy spells by 110 for each spell that you cast (up to 10), for 20 seconds.  I tend to not do well with on-use trinkets, myself.  But I could be tempted to make an exception for this one.  I’m curious to see if this one stacks with Shard of Woe or not.

That’s about it for now.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to leave a comment, if you feel there is something that I missed or if you have a different opinion than I do on a certain piece included here.

Good luck with your drops and check back soon for future posts on alternatives for earning your weekly cap of Valor Points and much more!


2 Responses to “4.2.0 Loot Priorities For Holy Priests”

  1. V June 18, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    You got Typekit! I’m a fan!

    I’m with you in thinking [Necromantic Focus] is reasonably easy to keep ticking. All you’d need is a PowerAuras bit that shows when [SW:P] is ticking (or [DP] – not that its tiny little heal would necessarily do too much for you) and how much time is left on it.

    I don’t like on-use trinkets anyway. My strategy (which may help) is to macro them (providing that they’re “OHMYGODWHAT” buttons) with my big whammy CDs and then having a separate instance of them off to the side to use it separately. If you wanted to macro it to a different spell (so that it just pops every time it’s off cooldown or something), I’ve got a really good macro for it that kills off the stupid “not ready yet” error messages if you need one.

    Thanks for the information as always. 😀

    • Oestrus June 18, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

      Ha! Actually, no. It’s a new feature that WordPress debuted called “Custom Design” and I picked that up the other day. I’m glad you like it!

      I haven’t decided what trinkets I want to go for, just yet. I think I’d like to spend a week or two in Firelands, see how the fights play out, see how my mana plays out, etc. I admit that I am worried about the lack of spirit on some of the off-set pieces and how that will affect me. I’m prepared to re-forge back to mastery, at least in the beginning, just in case I’m not as efficient with mana as I am right now. I think once I have a feel for the place and for how my new raid operates (i.e. if they’re good about not standing in bad, how my fellow healers react to things) then I’ll make some more sound decisions there.

      Are there any trinkets that are of particular interest to you right now?

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