New Double O Podcast – Episode Eight!

8 Sep

All that and a bag of Baked Lays, it’s Episode Eight of the Double O Podcast!

We packed this unbelievable episode with four, count them FOUR guests, Ceraphus, Christine, Fannon, & Hydra, all of whom are parents that you may or may not know from the blogosphere or the community at large.  They took time out of their day to join us on the show and discuss what it’s really like to be a parent who raids and juggles other responsibilities at the same time.

Nothing was off limits here.  We talk about how to negotiate playing time with your significant other, dealing with your identity as a parent in the game, the perks of being in a family friendly guild, and whether or not they would want their children picking up a game like World of Warcraft in the not so distant future.

Ophelie and I also include a big announcement about some future shows that we have coming up very soon.

In other news, Ophelie and I were asked to make a guest appearance on a recent episode of the Stopcast this week.  The episode, called “Double Ohhhh” can be found here:

We got pretty rowdy with these guys and had a great time talking about ourselves, our friendship, what we’re both up to in our respective games, how the Double O Podcast got started, and a number of other salacious things that can’t really be explained here.

If you’re in the mood for a few laughs and a slew of dirty talk, then check out that episode and have some laughs along with us.

Thanks for stopping by!


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