Below is a listing of all the blogs, general information websites, and podcasts that I currently either read and follow closely or that I support, for one reason or another.  These links may pertain to Rift, World of Warcraft, or a variety of other topics.  In any event, you are guaranteed to get some level of enjoyment from any of the pages found here.  Enjoy!


Achievements Ahoy
Cannot Be Tamed
Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual

Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor
D/E The Tank!

Dwarven Battle Medic
Effraeti’s RP
Elfi’s World
Epic Chef’s Hat

Falling Leaves And Wings

Flavor Text

Focused Divergence
Healing Spec
Holy Concentration

Jaded Alt
Jed’s Corner Of WoW Shenanigans

Jinxed Thoughts
Killing ‘Em Slowly
Kurn’s Corner

Lashings Of Liam
Life In Group 5

Mana Obscura

My World Of Whoa
Nils’ MMO Blog
Orcish Army Knife
Psynister’s Notebook
Ramblings Of Priestess Baringa
Rank 4 Healing Touch
Resto Is Epic
Root And Branch

Screaming Into The Vacuum
Sheep The Diamond
Spec Into Misdirect

The Anxious Gamer
The Bossy Pally And The Giant Spoon

The Chubby Couple
The Gold Queen
The Inconspicuous Bear 
The Land Of Odd
The Noisy Rogue
Tiny WoW Guild
Tree Heals Go Woosh
Variant Avatar
Warcraft Of The Worlds
We Fly Spitfires
Welcome To Spinksville!
Wolfshead Online
World Of Matticus
World Of Saz

Yet Another Female Gamer Blog


Grand Old Podcast
Holy Shatt Podcast
Rift Riders Podcast
Team Waffle Podcast
The GKick Podcast
The Mana Cooler

The Sundering Podcast
Twisted Nether Podcast

General Information

Elitist Jerks
MMO Melting Pot
Rift Junkies


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